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Updated List of Important and Useful WordPress Plugins (WP 2.5.1)

posted Thursday, July 31st, 2008

It is time for an updated list of useful WordPress Plugins that work with the 2.5.1 version.

I’m not going over 2.6 as it is still in its early stages and not all plugin authors have successfully updated to this version. But I will get to this soon.

Some of these are going to overlap with my previous list as they have been upgraded to work with this version and some I have already discussed in detail in several other posts.

  1. Accordion Tabs
    This lets you add WordPress functions in a tabbed interface. Not only does this look pretty neat but it also saves space. A must have for any blog!

  2. Add This Social Bookmarking Widget OR Add To Any
    Both plugins offer your visitors the chance to bookmark your posts and pages. Instead of adding several icons under your post and making them look cluttered, the whole menu pops up AJAX style on mouseover.

  3. Adsense Deluxe
    This is a classic and should not need any introduction. It lets you add adsense or YPN ads to your posts at the click of a button. Manage the codes on the plugin settings page.

    An alternate which lets you add either adsense or YPN is the All in One Adsense and YPN. However, I haven’t tested this one yet.

  4. Akismet
    This plugin is included with WordPress. Spammy comments are more or less a thing of the past with this plugin.

  5. All In One SEO Pack
    One of the simplest SEO plugins. Just a few tweaks and it is ready to work out of the box.

  6. Amazon Reloaded
    Lets you add Amazon products to your blog with your affilate ID embedded in the links. Also lets you search for Amazon products when you are writing a post or a page.

  7. Better Comments Manager
    Respond to comments from the WP admin instead of going to the respective posts to add a reply.

  8. Cforms II
    A really good contact form script which lets you add any number of forms with pre-configured designs. It lets you add your own styles, too. CForms can also be used to replace the regular comment form at your blog.

  9. Code Autoescape
    Although this is not main stream plugin and not everyone will use it. it does serve its purpose. Instead of the code being executed, it lets you show it as code in your post.

  10. Configurable Tag Cloud
    The tag widget that comes with WordPress does not offer any configuration options. This plugin is the solution to that.

  11. Do Follow
    This plugin disables the rel=nofollow attribute in comments and gives SEO benefit to your comment posters.

  12. FAQ-Tastic
    A very useful plugin which lets you add an FAQ section to your blog.

  13. Feedburner Feedsmith
    This plugin detects all ways to access your original WordPress feeds and simply redirects them to your FeedBurner feed

  14. Google XML Sitemaps
    Creates a compatible XML sitemap. This is supported by Google,, MSN Search and Yahoo.

  15. Identify External Links
    Identifies all exteral links and adds class=”extlink” and optionally, target=”_blank” to open the links in a new window.

  16. Most Commented Posts
    This a sidebar widget listing some of the most commented posts.

  17. Multi Column Category List
    Lets you organize your categories into multiple columns if you have way too many. Lumps all of them together and does not follow the heirarchy. See WhackedOutMarketing Blog as an example (categories are right at the bottom).

  18. My Twitter
    Lets you add your last few twitters to your sidebar. Additionally, it also lets you add twitters from within WordPress.

  19. NextGen Gallery
    Easily add image galleries and albums to your blog. Automatic thumbnail creation makes this a breeze. The included widget also lets you display random photos and slideshows in your sidebar.

  20. Pagebar 2
    Provide an advanced paginated navigation instead of the basic Next Previous links.

  21. Plugin Central
    A plugin which makes it easier to install other plugins.

  22. Quotes Collection
    Add random quotes to your blog. I’ve found this to be a really good way to add customer testimonials. This is how I have used it at DotsnDashes Website Designs.

  23. Recent Comments
    Adds the much needed customization options to the WordPress recent comments widget.

  24. RSS Footer
    Lets you add a footer to your RSS feed. Add copyright info, a call to action or just a link back to the post for comments.

  25. Search Everything
    Gives you the option of adding pages, excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments, tags and custom fields to the WordPress search option. You can also exclude posts, categories and password protected content.

  26. Search Meter
    Keeps a track of what your visitors are searching for. Easy way of brainstorming what content to add to your blog.

  27. Subscribe To Comments
    Give your visitors an additional option to subscribe to comments via email. This plugin will not work if you are using Cforms’ comment form.

  28. UBD Block Ad Plugin (WordPress 2.6 Fix)
    Automates the addition of those 125×125 px ads you see on everyone’s blogs nowadays.

  29. WordPress Database Backup
    Thi plugin can send you a daily or a weekly back up of your entire WordPress database. You can also make a back-up right there and then, download it or get it emailed to yourself. No more lost content!

  30. WordPress Video Plugin
    Lets you display videos from the major video websites.

  31. WP Post Views
    Displays a list of the most viewed posts in your sidebar. It also shows the number of times the post was viewed.
  32. WP AJAX Edit Comments
    Ever added a comment and gone whoops I need to correct that? Why not offer your visitors a chance to correct their whoops? This plugin lets them edit their comments for as long as your allow them – generally 5 minutes is a good idea. You can try commenting on this post to see how this works.

  33. WP Paged Comments
    Add pagination to your comments using this plugin and get organized.

  34. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
    Keep your visitors busy at your website by providing them the option to read similiar posts.

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