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How To Get Visitors To Leave Comments?

posted Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

You have to motivate your visitors to leave comments.

How do you do that?
By giving them a good enuff reason to do so.

Like they say there is no such thing as a free lunch.

We have already discussed one approach and that is by making your blog do-follow.

Another option is the CommentLuv Plugin.

This plugin searches the commentator’s RSS feed and adds the title of their last blog post to their comment.

Benefits to the Commentator

  1. Increased Visitors
    You are sharing your visitors with your commentors. If their post titles are attractive enuff, people browsing your blog are sure to click on these links.
  2. SEO and Page Rank Benefit
    Normally your commentator’s get a link using their names. The anchor text has no keywords and hence the link benefit not so much. A post title on the other hand may be full of keywords and hence great for Page Rank benefits. Not to mention it is a page rank benefit for their inner pages which may not get much Page Rank Luv normally.

There is just one problem

And that is if you are redirecting your feed to FeedBurner. The way FeedBurner is set up by default, post titles link to Feedburner. This may give you some stats but guess who gets the page rank benefit?

So how to turn this off?

There is a great post on how to Turn off FeedBurner Redirect in RSS Feeds. Be sure to do this to get the full benefit of this plugin for yourself and make sure to educate your commentators on this issue as well.

  • Rob@Internet Marketing Blog

    I wanted to test the commentluv plugin and see how it works….

    This looks like it’ll be a great added bonus for people to comment on blogs – especially if the blog is ‘do-follow’!

    Nice find, Erum!

    Blog Post: HitTail: Real-Time Traffic, Long Tail Keywords.

  • Erum Munir

    Thanks Rob! Btw you need to get that FeedBurner redirect off so your post links to your blog instead of your RSS feed.

  • K-IntheHouse

    Hi Erum,

    Thanks for the link and the kind words. As you said turning off Feedburner redirect is a keep part for the success of this strategy. If you get a chance, explore the KeywordLuv plugin too (I have linked to my review in my name) which lets folks leave comments with their name and keyword yet receive link juice for just the keywords. No more spammy looking names in your comments. :-) Cheers!

  • Erum Munir

    I already installed Keyword Luv. It is a great plugin and like you said an excellent way of not getting spammy looking names.

  • K@Get on blocked sites

    Ahh.. my bad in not noticing that! :-) Stumbled this post added you on Twitter too. I am checking out the bbPress posts of yours as I am working on a project at the moment and this could come in very handy. Thanks!

    Blog Post: RocketDock – A Cool Application Launcher For Free

  • Erum Munir

    No problem.

    I had such a hard time finding some of the most basic bbPress info. So I wanted to make it easier for others – wrote all four posts in a day :) It’s really good to know they are of help.

  • Naruto

    Visitors look for some questioning content to answer them or some interesting thing to discuss so that they can comment on that post.

    Naruto Ninja

  • Erum Munir

    That’s a good point. All these plugins can only help so much. You also have to give your visitors an opening.

  • Rize

    haha I think the easiest way is that
    make a post Telling the users that “Commenting on the other blog posts with ur link will increase ur PR”
    u get tons of spams in ur comments hehe

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